• For UKTV
  • Date 2017

In 2016, UKTV poured more than £150 million into original programming across its many channels, which include Dave, GOLD, W, Really and Alibi. That’s the kind of investment that warrants a brand unto itself, and UKTV Creative happily obliged.
The recently launched UKTV Originals is a crisp, satisfying bit of branding that uses a pair of elegantly designed spots built around a hand-drawn logo to celebrate the process of TV production, from script writing to set design; storyboarding to editing. Basically, the unsung heroes that are often hidden behind the scenes.

To depict its many production-oriented touchpoints with maximum speed and efficiency, UKTV Creative established a birds-eye view motif, utilizing a jib arm to let the camera look down from above on a rapid-fire sequence of its meticulous set pieces.
The first-person perspective creates a familiar viewpoint, that puts the viewer in their shoes and gives them a unique look into the creative process of TV production.

Tying the images together into an unforgettable imprint, the actual drawing of the official UKTV Originals logo unfolds throughout the spots, an act of creation that offers a pleasing touch of meta-commentary within a brand devoted to celebrating the act of creation.
Working with the hugely talented hand-lettering artist, Alison Carmichael, provided UKTV with the opportunity to create a beautiful and truly bespoke logo. The result is a confident wordmark that feels crafted and authentic, like a stamp of approval or a signature.

The choice to present the logo as it is happening also benefits from a sharply orchestrated sound design. The composer was invited on set during the two day shoot at UKTV’s headquarters in Hammersmith, to record the authentic sounds of the props to really bring the sounds to life. The resulting scratchy drag of the Sharpie against the paper, as well as the tapping of typewriter keys, the clack of the clapperboard and other audio effects, adds a tactile quality to the spots that makes them feel as if they could almost leap off the screen.

For UKTV’s Creative team, executing the spots in-house enabled them to take more risks and do things differently in order to set themselves apart from today’s competitors.

The campaign was launched on Monday 4th September 2017 and continues to be used on all UKTV Original productions across the UKTV network.

Made by UKTV Creative
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