UKTV Awards 2018

Our team at UKTV Creative work on a broad range of exciting projects where no task is too much.

The UKTV Awards is an internal annual event, rewarding and celebrating the achievements of our colleagues across 10 categories. UKTV is all about culture. Internally, our aim is to promote our “CLICC” values and encourage employees to enjoy the work they do and to participate more within the business. What better way to do that than to really hold our talent up on a pedestal, with the nominees of the awards receiving the Hollywood treatment (photographically anyway). The Idea for 2018, was to recreate all the categories and nominations as well-known movie posters. Each category linked tenuously to a movie theme and each nominee posing as a character from the film. This would culminate in an ‘Oscars’ style ceremony, whereby introduction videos and winner announcements were accompanied by moving versions of the posters.

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