Big Zuu’s Big Eats

You might know Big Zuu as a grime MC, but you probably don’t know that he’s got mad kitchen skills. Which is why he’s travelling around the UK cooking delicious meals for the top comedians in the game.

The creative idea for this campaign was “As recommended by comedians”. We wanted to introduce Zuu as a legitimate chef who comedians speak very highly of in their own humorous ways.

In the promo, we singled out some reactions and praise for his cooking and animated some kinetic type along with them. We also wanted to get across that Zuu is very likeable to both the audience and the comedians who feature on the show, so it was important to show moments of laughter and silliness. We added some doodles over the footage to add to the big dynamic fun feel of both Zuu’s personality and the show in general.

We created a bespoke on air sting for each episode. Each showing that episode’s comedian reacting positively to Zuu’s food, ideally using as few words as possible.

Our key art sees some of the guests from the show queuing up behind Zuu with his food truck in the background. We set it in a big empty music video studio setting to tie in with the musical element of the show. The formation of the comedians standing in line again reinforces that he is “recommended by comedians”.

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